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For Parents

Parents, we know that the transformation of your young son or daughter’s smile is simply another milestone for your baby growing up too fast. To help you with this transition, we’ve supplied to answers to 4 commonly asked questions by parents just like you!

Will My Kid Be Made Fun Of?

Typically, students see braces as a ‘rite of passage’ into life as a teenager. Middle school students even see them as ‘cool.’

Will My Child Still Be Able To Play Sports And Instruments?

Yes! For contact sports, you will want to equip your child with a braces-ready mouth guard to protect their mouth from the braces, and the braces from impact. For instruments, your child with automatically adjust to their new appliance and play the same as they did before!

Will My Child Have A Limited Diet?

Yes, braces require special care in order to be effective. This will mean brushing well, using an interdental toothbrush to brush behind the wire, as well as an altered diet. Foods that are chewy (like bagels), sticky (like caramel), hard (like ice), or crunchy (like raw carrots) must be avoided in order to reduce the length of the treatment.

How Long Will My Child Need To Wear Braces?

The average length of treatment is 1-2 years. However, with AcceleDent® Optima™ technology, you can reduce the length of time by up to 35%!