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I Want A Second Opinion With An Asheville, Marion, Or Rutherfordton Orthodontist

5-Star-Rated Orthodontics Office In Asheville, Marion, And Rutherfordton, NC

If you have already seen a different orthodontist in Asheville, Marion, or Rutherfordton, NC for your first initial exam, we are glad to provide you the complimentary, no-obligation TS Orthodontics Smile Analysis as a second opinion. You will get diagnostic x-rays, initial exam, and consultation, a $249 value, all at no charge to you. Additionally, you should expect your experience at TS Orthodontics to be completely different from your initial exam with your original orthodontist in Asheville, Marion, or Rutherfordton.

Flexible & Affordable Payment Options For Braces & Orthodontic Treatment

Every orthodontist should offer flexible and affordable payment options for braces. Unfortunately, many do not. Those that do, typically charge fees or interest to spread out the cost of your braces and treatment over the course of your treatment. With TS Orthodontics you can take comfort in knowing that we prefer to build trust rather than require payment or large deposits upfront for your braces and treatment. You will enjoy a flexible and affordable payment option, that meets your budget, with $0 down!

Virtually No Wait Times In Our Asheville, Marion And Rutherfordton Orthodontics Office

If you have already seen a different orthodontist in Asheville, Marion, or Rutherfordton, you probably experienced a longer than expected wait time and potentially a crowded wait room. At TS Orthodontics, we offer a self-check-in kiosk that allows you to check in for your appointment without waiting in line. You will be seen almost right away!

Smile Satisfaction Guarantee 

At TS Orthodontics, we offer a 100% Smile Satisfaction Guarantee for all our braces and orthodontics.  We stand behind our orthodontic treatment and are here for you if you should ever have an issue in the future. We know that braces are no small investment, so we stand behind our treatment ensuring that you can have a significantly straighter smile for life! Ask one of our friendly team members for more info at your initial appointment with us. 

100% Complimentary TS Orthodontics Smile Analysis

Even if you have already been seen by a different orthodontist in Asheville, Marion, or Rutherfordton, NC or surrounding area, we understand that finding the right orthodontist for you is incredibly important. For this reason, we offer the TS Orthodontics Smile Analysis (initial exam, digital x-rays, consultation) completely complimentary. Whether or not you are already considering seeing a different orthodontist, you have nothing to lose by taking advantage of this $249 value! To schedule your TS Orthodontics Smile Analysis, click here!

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Your Asheville, Marion, and Rutherfordton, NC Orthodontists, Dr. Scanlan and Dr. Renee Carlson of TS Orthodontics can help you or your loved one achieve a smile you will love for a lifetime. However, we want you to feel confident that your choice in an Asheville, Marion,or Rutherfordton, NC Orthodontist is the right one. Follow the steps below to start your journey towards your future smile today with braces!

  1. Instantly Download his Report: Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing an Orthodontist.
  2. Please call 828.263.4514 to ask questions or set up your free TS Orthodontics Smile Analysis today!
  3. Contact our office via our online contact form if you have additional question.