Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, and as parents, we understand you want your child to have the best smile. A straight smile is not just about the looks, but it also helps your child achieve optimal oral health. If your teen has crooked, misaligned, crowded, protruding, or gapped teeth, it’s about time to start their orthodontic treatment with the best teen orthodontist in Marion

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Orthodontic Treatment For Your Teen

  • Orthodontic Issues

If your child is suffering from any of the issues mentioned below, they should start their Orthodontic treatment right away.

  • If your teen has an overbite, where the upper half sticks out compared to the lower teeth.
  • Your teen suffers from underbite, where the lower teeth will cross the upper set.
  • There’s an open space at the front or sides of their teeth when they bite.
  • If they have overcrowded teeth where their teeth overlap one another.
  • Gapped teeth are where your teen has too much space in their teeth.
  • Your teen has a speech impediment where they whistle, lisp, slur, or stutter while talking.

With Orthodontic treatment for teens in Marion, your child won’t have to suffer any longer. They can achieve straight teeth and get the beautiful smile they deserve.

  • Optimal Oral Health

Crooked or gapped teeth can trap food particles and accumulate plaque. Even with thorough brushing and flossing, there will still be these tough-to-reach spots. However, with straighter teeth, your child will able to clean their teeth with ease without missing any spot.

  • Avoid Major Issues

A misaligned bite increases the risk of dental trauma and tooth grinding. It can lead to temporomandibular joint disorders, causing headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, etc. Misaligned teeth also cause excessive wear and tear on your teeth and jaw leading to cracks and chips. To prevent such issues, make sure you start your child’s journey with a straight smile with the highest quality teen orthodontics in Marion.

  • Increased Confidence

Crooked or misaligned teeth can make your child feel insecure about their smile. In today’s world, where everyone has a perfect smile, it is difficult to keep up. However, your teen doesn’t have to feel self-conscious about their smile anymore! With the right treatment, everyone will get the smile of their dreams. Also, with customized braces, your child can select the color of their braces to match their personality. You can even get your teen ceramic braces that are clear and more discreet compared to traditional metal braces.

  • Easier As A Teenager

The teenage years are the ideal time to straighten your child’s teeth. Most teenagers start the orthodontic process in their early teen years. Since your child’s bones are softer, the orthodontic treatment will be quicker and less painful.

What Are The Common Teen Orthodontic Treatments?

Teen orthodontic treatments are the best way to straighten your child’s teeth. There are different options when it comes to straightening teeth, now you no longer are limited to traditional metal braces. A few options are as follows:

  • Traditional Metal Braces

These are the most reliable, durable, and effective treatments that will give your teen the best version of their smile.

  • Ceramic Braces

These self-ligating ceramic braces are tooth colored and blend in with your teen’s natural teeth. It is discreet and gives the best results.

  • Invisalign TeenⓇ

The most popular and revolutionary clear aligner, that straightens your child’s teeth within months all while maintaining complete discretion.

  • Lingual Braces 

Another unique way to straighten your teeth is with lingual braces, as the orthodontic appliance is fitted behind the teeth and is virtually undetectable.

We understand teens may feel insecure about wearing bulky materials to straighten their teeth. But not any longer! Thanks to the latest technology, your teen can straighten their smile with a variety of discreet options.


We hope this blog helped you understand the importance of teen Orthodontics. If your child has crooked or gapped teeth, make sure to visit the best orthodontist in Marion to get your child the perfect bite and smile that will last forever!