Did you just get the smile of your dreams with the help of Invisalign treatment? If yes, it is important to take certain steps post Invisalign treatment in Asheville to ensure long-lasting results. 

Maintaining Your New Smile Post Invisalign Treatment

We understand that just getting done with your treatment can be a very peaceful experience. You can now feel confident about your smile and you will be excited to eat all your favorite foods once again. However, if you don’t take the necessary measures, your teeth may revert to their original position. The following are a few measures to take to ensure you get the best smile for years to come.

  • Get Customised Retainers

The correct step to set out on the right track to straight teeth is getting an Invisalign treatment in Asheville. After this, the orthodontist will recommend retainers to retain your teeth in the correct position and prevent them from reverting to their original state. The duration of wearing the retainers will be different for every individual. However, the orthodontist will discuss and give you proper instructions on how to achieve the best smile. 

  • Brush and Floss Daily

After receiving straight teeth with Invisalign, you can easily maintain your new smile, with simple tips. Oral hygiene is easier with straighter teeth, as there is no touch to reach spots. The following tips will help you maintain your smile for a long. Brushing will prevent gum disease and other oral issues. You should brush and floss every day as they are important aspects of maintaining oral hygiene. It keeps your smile beautiful and healthy. 

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush. 
  • Use fluoride-based products, such as toothpaste, consume tap water, or get fluoride treatments.
  • Avoid brushing your teeth aggressively or overbrushing, as it can cause enamel erosion. 
  • You should also replace your toothbrush every three months or when the bristles wear off.
  • You should also floss every day to clean the spots your brush might not able to reach. 
  • You could also add swishing antibacterial mouthwash as a part of your oral routine.
  • Make sure you clean your retainers properly to prevent issues like tooth decay or gum disease. 
  • Visit Your Orthodontist For Checkups

Regular dental check-ups every six months are essential to maintain your smile. Once you get your orthodontic treatment, you still need to visit the orthodontist in Asheville to make sure your teeth don’t shift back to their original position. Moreover, regular visits will ensure your teeth are safe and the treatment stays successful. They will also check the stability of your jaw and recommend retainers based on your orthodontic issue.

Benefits Of A Straighter Smile

A straighter smile not only affects your appearance but also impacts your overall health. There are several benefits of straight teeth, a few are mentioned below:

  • Straighter teeth are easy to clean 
  • You will have clear speech 
  • Reduced wear and tear of your teeth
  • Prevents neck and head pain or TMJ disorders
  • You will be more self-confident and have a higher self-esteem
  • You will have healthier teeth and gums
  • Lowers risks of tooth loss 
  • Reduced chances of having digestive issues
  • Straighter teeth are less likely to break, chip, or crack

The Best Orthodontist In Asheville, NC

If you want to ensure you have long-lasting results from your Invisalign treatment, visit our office today! At TS Orthodontics, we ensure you will have five-star rated orthodontic care. Our orthodontist in Asheville will understand your needs and concerns and create a customized treatment plan for you. You can also get your customized retainers that will ensure you have the best smile. Contact us today to get the smile of your dreams that will last a lifetime.