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Reviews of TS Orthodontics

Asheville, Marion, And Rutherfordton, NC’s 5-Star-Rated Orthodontics Office

I love Dr. Scanlan and his staff. They are super nice to me and always tell me what they are going to do before they do it. My mom says she loves it because they take the time to explain everything to get in detail. They are wonderful people and my mom and I look forward to working with them more as I grow and need braces! Thanks for being AWESOME!!

Andrea Webb5-star

I have been pleased with the kindness and professionalism that I receive from TS Orthodontics. The staff has always treated me with respect and priority. I am grateful for their attention to detail in helping me achieve a great smile that will last a lifetime. Thank you!

Sharon Lueck5-star

When I moved here I was finishing up my Invisalign treatment. I found TS Orthodontics through reading great reviews and they did not disappoint. The office is lovely, the hours are accommodating, and the entire staff is extremely friendly. I would highly recommend this orthodontist to friends.

Shelley Marie5-star

My treatment went very well, I finished the process much earlier than expected, and getting braces is the best thing I have ever done for my smile. I wish I had done it many years earlier. I had jaw pain from an incorrect bite, and now my jaws never hurt, this is an added plus to the beautiful alignment of my teeth. In addition to braces, I had veneers placed on four front teeth. I have a natural looking, yet awesome smile now, and it started with a visit to Dr. Scanlan’s office. I highly recommend him and his professional, courteous, staff.

Leona Hamilton5-star

The work they did on my teeth was wonderful. Everyone was very personable. They were always eager to set up appointments that fit my schedule. One of the girls even delivered my retainers to me when there was a mistake in making them. Dr. Scanlan and his whole crew always made me feel like I was their most important patient.

Mary Goforth5-star

I found myself as an adult with a small gap in my teeth. Dr. Scanlan and his staff are truly awesome. Within six months the gap was gone. I cannot say enough about this practice. I am familiar with other orthodontic practices within the area and I would recommend this practice to everyone! Thank you for my wonderful smile! I will be back…. I have a teenage daughter that will require your help! Thank you!

Stacey Robertson5-star

Dr. Scanlan and his staff are absolutely wonderful. They are prompt in the service; happy, pleasant, and professional in their actions; and most of all, they make you feel comfortable and at home during services that typically aren’t described like that.

TrintandBarbie Phillips5-star

My daughter Sierra was so comfortable with the GREAT staff at TS Orthodontics that she honestly slept through the whole process of having her braces put on. Dr. Scanlon & his staff are just AMAZING! !!! Sierra can’t wait to go to her appointments!!!!

Lou Chapman5-star

We love you guys — always flexible, professional and effective in making smiles beautiful! We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Karen Swedan5-star

Great office! Wonderful staff! Excellent care! Thank you Dr . Scanlan and staff for a wonderful experience and beautiful smile!

Jennifer Stierwalt5-star

My name is Bracey and I am a patient of Dr. Scanlan. They have always been very nice kind people. They take very good care of me. They always ask if anything is irritating me so they can fix it. I am very happy with my smile. Thank you very much!

Michelle Fountain5-star

My daughter was 8 years old when all of her baby teeth were gone and we were referred to Dr. Scanlan and his team by our regular Dentist. The experience has been an absolute joy. Our daughter had severe crowding, an overbite and teeth were coming in in front of other teeth. Our Dentist told me when she was 3 years old that she would need braces and Dr. Scanlan and his team make the entire process something to look forward to. We have been kept well informed of current progress and anticipated progress and what to expect next. The office is happy to answer any questions and are just as pleased with her progress as we are. The office has a nice atmosphere, there’s never a long wait from your appointment time until you see the doctor, the staff are always pleasant and happy and Dr. Scanlan always takes the time to talk about progress and answer questions. I could see the difference in her teeth within the first two months. Apart from the healthy mouth and teeth benefits, having braces has helped my daughter’s self esteem and her self confidence. She had stopped smiling with her mouth open before she got her braces on, she had stopped smiling much at all really, and within days of getting her braces on she started smiling with her mouth open again and has not stopped. I couldn’t have given her a better gift than to feel good about herself and Dr. Scanlan and his team have done that.

Beth C5-star

Great orthodontic office with a great staff. Everyone is focused on the patients and obtaining the best outcomes for them.

Angela Padgett5-star

Dr. Scanlan and his staff were able to give me the perfect smile just in time before my wedding. I would recommend him to any of my family or friends!

Ryan Bowman5-star

Always professional and timely. Great results!

Julianna S. Pletcher5-star

We have been extremely pleased with with the service that we have received from TS Orthodontics. Dr. Scanlan does an outstanding job explaining the treatment protocols and what we should expect going forward with my daughter’s braces. It is very obvious that he genuinely cares about his patients. My daughter’s teeth and smile look beautiful thanks to Dr. Scanlan and TS Orthodontics!

Eric Wilkes5-star

They are the BEST place to go if you are in the area and looking for braces! LOVE THEM!!!!

J K5-star

I was introduced to Dr. Scanlan’s office through my dentist, Dr. Poteat. It was important to my husband and I that we find an office that we liked and trusted because not only did I need braces, but I also needed jaw surgery. The orthodontist I chose would have to work very closely with my oral surgeon.

Brandi Hand5-star

What a fantastic experience! When my child started her orthodontic care she hesitated to smile and it really effected how she interacted at school and at church. Now that her teeth are straight she smiles freely and she has blossomed into a confident young kid. Thank-you Dr. Scanlan and team!! You are the best!!!

Amy Gordon5-star

I had a great experience with TS Orthodontics team! Dr. Scanlan was incredibly knowledgeable but took the time to make me feel comfortable with the process. I would definitely recommend others to use their team.

Benjamin Teague5-star

I have had a great experience with Ts orthodontics,and i recommend them very highly.

Mark Aiello5-star

*The reviews on this page are from actual patients of TS Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.