All About Invisible Braces By Asheville, NC Orthodontist
By, Tim Scanlan of TS Orthodontics – Asheville, NC’s Favorite Orthodontist

You read that right: invisible braces! Sometimes people need their appearance to stay essentially the same, even if they are changing the alignment of their teeth. These people might include news reporters, models, performers, or public speakers, in which case there are a couple of options for invisible braces that get the job done without making a scene.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are less common than regular braces, but they can be used when people don’t want to look like they have braces. The brackets and hardware are attached to the inside of the teeth where the tongue is. Though this can present a few problems, the decision to get lingual braces all depends on what the patient’s priorities are during treatment.

Benefits of Lingual Braces:

  • No one can see these braces when you smile.
  • Each bracket is custom-made for your teeth.
  • Lingual braces have become easier to manage over the years.

Drawbacks of Lingual Braces:

  • Adjustment appointments take longer because the braces are more challenging for the orthodontist to access.
  • The braces can be difficult to get used to.
  • They’re harder to clean.
  • The braces can cause soreness on the tongue at first.
  • In some cases, they can cause a speech impediment. Most of the time this lasts for three months or less, but for some people it doesn’t go away until the braces are removed.
  • Not recommended for extreme cases.

If you have any questions about lingual braces, your Asheville orthodontist can answer them much more clearly for your situation than this article can. If these don’t sound like the right option for you, let’s take a look at Invisalign®, a product most people have heard about.


Invisalign® is well-known for invisibly straightening teeth mainly because of their TV commercials. Contrary to popular belief, invisible aligners can be used for most cases of treatment, including extreme cases involving surgery. Though sometimes you may need more customization depending on your case, TS Orthodontics of Asheville, NC can make Invisalign® a realistic option for you.

Benefits of Invisalign®:

  • You can eat whatever you want.
  • The trays are removable.
  • The trays don’t cause sores or irritation.
  • Food doesn’t get caught in the trays as you are required to remove when eating or drinking anything except water and brush after.
  • The trays are invisible.

Drawbacks of Invisalign®:

  • This treatment option is more expensive.
  • The tray must be taken out to eat or drink anything except water.
  • You have to brush your teeth after each time you eat or drink anything except water.
  • Some patients reported having difficulty taking the trays out to eat or drink.
  • This option requires more self-discipline.
  • The trays have to be cleaned separately from your teeth.

Is Invisibility Worth It?

That all depends on the person, their budget, and how committed they are to their treatment plan. Though most people have a positive experience with the treatment once they know what it entails, some people still have issues with specific aspects of this option. Here at TS Orthodontics, we strive every day to give patients the best possible option for their orthodontic needs, so if you’re ready for more details, give us a call.

Are invisible braces the right kind of braces for you? We can’t know for sure until you come in for your complimentary Smile Analysis, so call TS Orthodontics of Asheville, NC today at 828.254.4602. We offer a number of patient benefits such as short wait times, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and after work appointments to fit your schedule. Let us provide you with the shortest distance to a great smile. Give us a call today! We’re here to help.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.



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