Parents need to juggle a lot of information about their children’s health. Understanding the process of tooth development will ensure that you know when your child needs an orthodontic evaluation for braces by your Marshall, NC orthodontist. Getting a prompt evaluation ensures that the process of getting braces goes smoothly and takes as little time as possible.


The Best Age for a Comprehensive Orthodontic Evaluation

Deciduous teeth, otherwise known as baby teeth, begin to emerge at the age of six months. These teeth eventually fall out and are replaced by your permanent teeth. Misalignment of these permanent teeth can cause major problems with aesthetics as well as dental bite. Your Marshall orthodontist can help to determine whether your child will need braces or other orthodontic procedures.


Although the process of getting permanent teeth varies by person, most kids begin losing their baby teeth around age seven. This is the best age for your child to get an orthodontic evaluation with your Marshall, NC orthodontist for his or her braces. At this point in time, your child’s teeth and mouth are still developing. However, even if your kid appears to have perfect teeth, he or she may have problems with:


  • Misalignment of emerging adult teeth
  • Bite problems (e.g., deep bites or a cross bite)
  • Relationship of the upper and lower jaw
  • Tooth crowding


Identifying potential problems when your child is seven allows you to intervene before they grow more severe. The signs of these problems are subtle, but your orthodontist near Marshall NC is specially trained to identify and treat the earliest stages of childhood orthodontic problems.

Many parents wonder when their child should receive braces or  orthodontic treatment. Getting a comprehensive orthodontic evaluation with your orthodontist near Marshall when your child’s permanent teeth begin coming in allows you to plan for braces.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our orthodontics office would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.


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