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Yep, that’s right – invisible braces in Asheville!

Sometimes appearance is a priority for people even if they do choose to get their teeth straightened. Some examples are TV news reporters, public speakers, models, and so on – some people just prefer their braces to be as unnoticeable as possible.

Thankfully, there are a couple of different solutions for invisible braces.

Lingual Braces in Asheville, NC

Though lingual braces are less common than regular braces, they are often used when people want to look like they don’t have braces at all. Lingual braces are attached to the backs of your teeth instead of the front, so on the tongue side of the teeth.

Pros Of Lingual Braces:
Brackets are all custom-made.
No one can see them when you smile.
Technological breakthroughs have made these types of braces more easily manageable.

Cons of Lingual Braces:
They can be hard to get used to.
Especially at first, they can cause soreness on the tongue.
More difficult to access for the orthodontist.
They can cause speech impediments for up to three months. In some cases, this doesn’t go away until the braces are removed.
Adjustments take longer.
They’re harder to clean.

Your orthodontist can answer any questions you might have about lingual braces and especially if they’re a viable option for you. Like most invisible braces, lingual braces are not recommended in extreme cases.

Invisalign® in Asheville, NC

Invisalign® is a well-known method for invisibly straightening the teeth, largely due to their TV commercials. This can be a perfect option for people who just need slight straightening, although it isn’t recommended for those with a need for extensive treatment.

Pros Of Invisalign®:
No food restrictions or difficulties.
No sores.
No food getting caught.

Cons Of Invisalign®:
More expensive.
Some people said they had a hard time taking their trays out to eat.
Requires self-discipline.
Edges might need to be filed down.
Absolutely have to brush after every meal to avoid stains.
Not good for those who need extensive treatment.
Must remove to eat or drink anything but water.
Must clean separately from teeth (some people experienced nausea if they skipped this).

Is the Power of Invisibility Worth It?

This depends on a lot of different factors like the individual, the extent of the treatment they need, their discipline, and the budget they have to work with. Some people had issues with very specific aspects of this treatment method, but most people had a positive experience.

If you have a tendency to neglect your teeth, Invisalign® probably isn’t a good fit for you. However, if you already have good oral hygiene habits or are willing to commit to them, then Invisalign® could be a great option for you to straighten your teeth.

Give us a call today at TS Orthodontics so we can help you figure out the best option for straighter teeth for your or your child. We’ll start with a complimentary smile analysis to find out what your needs are and how we can accommodate. We offer same-day appointments and can even work around your school or work schedule for your appointments! Give us a call at 828.254.4602 and let us show you the shortest distance to a great smile.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.


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