You want a row of straight, white healthy teeth. You decided on metal braces, clear braces or Invisalign to get you the results that you want. Something has happened. Your braces don’t look like they should. Perhaps a wire is poking out. You may have irritation to soft tissue and gums. What can you do about it? Most damage can be corrected with a visit to your orthodontist. Treatment depends on the type of issue that has occurred to your braces or your mouth. Our orthodontist near Burnsville, NC shares common issues that can happen with braces and what can be done about the problem to get your smile back on track.

What Damage is an Orthodontic Emergency?

Loose or broken braces can occur during your course of treatment. Wires can shift and cause irritation to the cheek or lips. Some issues with braces can be fixed yourself. Common issues include:

  • A loose or broken bracket. This can happen when you play with braces or eat a sticky or hard food. If there is pain or discomfort, see your Burnsville, NC orthodontist. Otherwise, brackets attached to wires can be covered in wax. If the bracket comes off, bring it to your next appointment. Broken and detached brackets can be easily fixed.
  • A loose band. Call to see if your Burnsville orthodontist can recement the band at your next appointment or if you require an earlier appointment. Earlier appointments are necessary for bands that come off a tooth.
  • A wire coming out of the tube. Tweezers can be used to place the wire back. If this fails, cover the wire with wax and schedule an appointment.
  • Poking metal ties. This tie can be pushed back with a pencil eraser end. If this does not work, place wax on the area and schedule an appointment.

These are a few of the issues that can occur with braces. Unforeseen accidents can happen. An accident that involves the mouth and teeth is serious. Come in to see your orthodontist near Burnsville, NC immediately for any necessary adjustments.

Know that your orthodontist is always available to help. If you are concerned with unusual irritation or soreness with braces or find that your headgear does not fit, schedule an appointment. Your orthodontist wants you to experience the best results possible from your braces. Call our orthodontic office near Burnsville, NC to schedule an appointment for any damage to or unusual issues with your braces.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our orthodontics office near Burnsville, NC would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.


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